Scientific video productions presented at lectures and international conferences

1. Högupplösande elektronmikroskopi. En studie av beta-alumina. A HREM study of beta-alumina ceramics.(15 min) 1984, (J.-O. Bovin).

2. Small crystals. (15 min) 1985, (J.-O. Bovin and L. R. Wallenberg).

3. Moving gold atoms. (16 min) 1985, (J.-O. Bovin, L. R. Wallenberg and D. J. Smith).

4. Dynamic observations of atomic-level rearrangements in small metal crystals. A high resolution TEM study. (16 min) 1985, (J.-O. Bovin, L. R. Wallenberg, D. J.Smith and A. K. Petford).

5. Moving Surface Defects in Gold Crystals. (12 min) 1986, (J.-O. Bovin).

6. Atom Rearrangements in Small Metal Crystals. (13 min) 1986, (J.-O. Bovin, J.-O. Malm, E. Nilsson, L. R.Wallenberg, A. K. Petford-Long, N. J. Long and D. J.Smith).

7. RuBisCO crystals in anthers of Beta vulgaris (5 min) 1989, (G. Karlsson and J.-O. Bovin).

8. The dynamic structure of small metal particles. (5 min) 1990, (J.-O. Bovin and J.-O. Malm).

9. A short part of the dynamic structure of a gold particle was shown
on national swedish TV. The program was for kids "Hjärnkontoret",
at 18.30 SVT 1 at the 21-10-2003. (J.-O. Bovin).